by Marcella Glenn

“There isn’t just one thing.” You stabbed your eyes at the title.


One move, on your part, will draw a customer back, over and over. It applies to products, services, newsletters, web sites, and, even, columns.

Yes, fairness to clients, providing a product or service they, actually, use, and discounts will help with repeat business.

“So, what brings ’em back?” You asked.

Consistent behavior pulls customers back faster than anything else. The principles that landed you their trust, initially, is the glue securing, continued, business from them. Consistency, no matter where, is relaxing, better, to deal with.

Once a person learns the routine, problems, tension, stampedes another work-place. The task, at hand, is easier to do. Routines are a must.

A customer, for example, buys fresh fruits and/or vegetables from your place of business. A play-area sits in front of the store. The
customer leaves her baby there while shopping. Of course, there’s an attendant, maybe two. The lady, when finished shopping, takes her baby home.

In my example, what would happen if the play-area was removed? The lady would have to change her plans, routine, before shopping. She dislikes the additional time it takes to find a sitter, more expense. She’s upset, most likely, cranky. Consistency is removed. The baby cries, feels his/her mother’s frustration. The ripple-effect happens. She arrives at your store with less time to shop, stressed. It means she’ll spend less.

Consistent behavior, in business practices, will encourage clients to return. Why? They expect the usual quality, service, and look forward to it.

Marcella Glenn is the Small Business Editor for WE Magazine for Women.