….A Follower, or Watching From the Sidelines by Bea Kunz

From loving your veggie campaign’s for children- to rooftop gardening on ancient buildings in big cities-there is a project/an interest for each and everyone the least be motivated to make our space and the world as a whole a wee bit better.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Please take that first step…outside the box.
Adopt a new way of thinking, the thought that anything is possible if we want it enough.

If our new president can take on the mess he so obviously has, then why can’t we take our slice of the job in our own surroundings.

Don’t know where to start ? Ask yourself what concerns me most about issues that are part of my daily life.
The environment, food, medicine, safety…….there are as many choices as there are people to choose.

Learn who makes the laws in your town and state, write letters to you congressman or congresswoman. They really do listen if enough people ask.

Some links here to help you feel a bit more connected to the issues facing us all.

Visit them and I assure you there will be many that will get your full attention.

Go Green at Home…an article written by Laura Klein at http://www.organicauthority.com   is a great place to start.

(for making good selections.)
(a hair raising introduction to the factory farmed meat industry.)
(it’s easy and a good thing to pass around.)

And last but certainly not least of the places to find info and get help…my very own company…Sage Hill Farms.

While I love customers that purchase my product…I really love those who come looking for education on having a healthier life, ways to give back, and to make the world around them a bit more sustainable for the next generation.

Yes We Can…only if we try ~

Bea Kunz