Developing a Community of Women Leaders
By Melissa Cober

In today’s world, women have made many wonderful advances as leaders in their countries, businesses, and communities. However, despite the fact that women currently dominate the field of higher education, the overwhelming majority of powerful leadership positions are still held by men. Moreover, women that have broken this barrier often feel that helping other women will undermine their own successes. Women leaders clearly face unique challenges in their battle upwards; The Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership exists to respond to these challenges.

The Woodhull Institute is a non-profit educational organization that provides ethical leadership training and professional development for women. Woodhull seeks to provide women with the tools, resources, and confidence that are necessary to becoming ethical leaders, and they have developed a community of successful women who support each other in their professional pursuits. Woodhull encourages women to lead with honesty, respect, courage and compassion; to uphold their personal values when confronted with difficult decisions; to strive for the common ground in decision-making; and to use their leadership skills in order to positively impact their communities.

With this vision in mind, The Woodhull Institute hosts weekend-long Leadership Retreats at a beautiful facility in upstate New York, where women can escape from the stress of everyday life in order to nurture their dreams and goals, face their personal challenges, and build upon their inner power. Woodhull’s retreats teach professional development skills such as Public Speaking, Negotiation, Financial Literacy, Advocacy, and much more. Woodhull alumnae leave retreats with a greater sense of self-confidence, a network of over 2,700 female professionals, and a deeper understanding of ethics and leadership.

The Woodhull Institute hosts Leadership Retreats for Young Women aged 21-35, College-Aged Women, and Women of Jewish Non-Profits, as well as Writing Retreats and a Democracy 911 Retreat focused on civil engagement.

Women cannot afford to sit back and watch others affect the world in their place. Women leaders are everywhere; The Woodhull Institute’s mission is simply to supply them with a tool kit that will allow them to fly higher, with the support of an empowering community under their wings. If you are ready to become an effective woman leader, then The Woodhull Institute is the place for you.

Woodhull’s Upcoming Retreats:

Master Class Writers’ Retreat – August 27-29th 2010

Intensive Non-Fiction Writing Retreat – October 8-10th 2010

Young Women’s Ethical Leadership Retreat – October 22-24th 2010

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