"The Woman Inspirational Network launches June 15, 2014"The Network that women around the world have been waiting on is finally here!

All Nations TV is proud to present an additional 24/7 streaming network for WOMENThe Woman Inspirational Networkpowered by All Nations TV is launching June 15, 2014

The Woman Inspirational Network is a one of a kind network for women around the world that will be seen atwww.twinitv.com and www.thewomaninspirationalnetwork.com. The network will provide information for the body, spirit and soul. Programming will include powerful women ministers, artists, authors, singers, dancers, cooks, fashion designers, health professionals, counselors, entrepreneurs and so much more.

The purpose of the network is to bring women together to share their experiences and knowledge with each other.  JoinTWINiTV today and broadcast your 28.5 minute video 4 times per week for only $95 per month!

For more information: call (855) WE PRAISE or emailtwin@allnationstv.com .