"Sherryl Frauenglass Graphic Fall 2012"Uncovering the Truth of Who You Really Are, So That You Can Be All You Came Here To Be! (Excerpt from The Fall Issue of WE Magazine)

By Sherryl Frauenglass

Like so many women, I didn’t realize my true value and worth until much later in life. From a very young age I was sensitive to energy and was often reprimanded for daydreaming. I thought that there was something wrong with me that needed fixing.

In my family, I took on the label of being the “good girl” and lived in the shadows of my parents and brother, who I perceived to be smarter, more beautiful, faster, more coordinated, and better than me in every way. I spent years looking to improve, change or alter what I labeled my many defects. I tried every diet, read the latest self-help books, tried psychotherapy, rebirthing therapy, and co-counseling therapy. I attended workshops to “open the heart”, “heal the inner child”, and “discover my true self”. I joined Jews for Jesus, became a Unitarian, studied Buddhism, was initiated into Transcendental Meditation at 14, and practiced yoga. I was always looking for the next teacher or guru who I was certain had the answer on how to fix me and make me whole.

Things finally started to turn around, when, after yet again giving my power away to a teacher/guru and a subsequent series of mystical experiences, I began to remember my connection to the God/Creation/Universe and to know myself deeply. I was finally starting to remember what I had always known as a child. As I opened up, I experienced a sense of total freedom and realized that I was a sovereign being, with my own unique gifts, and that the only guru I needed was ME! I realized that I was already whole and complete, that I didn’t need fixing and that I had a lot to offer the world.

When I look back at the earlier part of my life, I’m amazed that I never knew all of the amazing gifts and talents that I possessed back then. My “daydreaming” was actually how I connected to other dimensions of reality, and if there had been someone back then who encouraged me to explore this, I would have been aware of my intuitive gifts much sooner. Of course it was all a perfect unfolding and I now have a deeper appreciation of my diverse forms of awareness because they were so long in coming.

Once I stopped judging myself and comparing myself to others I was finally able to see the truth of who I was as a unique expression of creation. I moved from a place of fear, insecurity and self-judgment into taking my place as a leader, here to do my part to assist others in finding and sharing their True Voice.

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