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The Success Alchemy of Spiritual Wealth Creation

"Karen Russo Success Alchemy of Wealth"Cultivating Feminine Spiritual Faith and Building Masculine Money Focus By Rev. Karen Russo, MBA (Excerpt from WE Magazine for Women Fall Success Alchemy)

Today, it’s my passion, my mission and my job to show business owners, creative professionals and spiritual seekers how to stop worrying, fighting and struggling about money issues for good. I strive to create a world where each of us is peaceful, prosperous, generous and free.

Spiritual Wealth Creation Success Alchemy includes cultivating feminine spiritual faith and masculine money focus so we grow our wealth through both awareness and action.

My unusual blend of experience – I earned my MBA from Columbia University, I’m an ordained interfaith minister, and I’m an accomplished corporate trainer and award-winning salesperson – allows me to share insights from my 25 years of spiritual and secular success.

But it wasn’t always this way. I didn’t start out as an expert… and I sure didn’t always understand the power of valuing the masculine and the feminine.

A couple of decades ago, before this Success Alchemy was activated, I was one of the talented, busy ambitious women who feel disconnected from their soulful, spiritual side when they move into business decisions and projects. I was baffled and exhausted by the demands of running an organized, efficient, profitable career. I struggled with how to integrate my spiritual awareness with the practical need to lead my business with discipline and focus.

In business I had to fight the tendency in my 20s to play tough, fast and emotionless as a sales person for a commercial bank – hiding my spiritual interests from my colleagues and clients. Feeling isolated and not making my numbers, I finally surrendered to being more authentic, relatable and real – and found a powerful position as a corporate trainer where my sweeter, funnier and still totally competent strengths were celebrated.

In romance, I had to discover how to love all of who I am. Many of you know my famous story featured in Katherine Woodward Thomas’ Calling in the One. At 40 and single I couldn’t connect with my soul mate until I completely surrendered to embracing my own masculine nature: to loving the man in me. And now at 50, I’m happily married to the big fella.

The catalyst that ignited this journey for me was coming to face with my own addictions and deciding to turn my will and my life over to a Higher Power… the discovery of a God of my own understanding.  The spiritual journey from there has helped to foster integration—between the spiritual and the material, between the masculine and feminine, between being and doing—and has positioned me to serve others.

My whole life has been a journey of coming to truly value the sweet, inclusive, loving nature of the feminine AND the directed, productive nature of the masculine.

I know in my bones who I am– a beautiful, feminine woman with a LOT of masculine focus and discipline! I’ve found my genuine combination of strengths, and it’s had a hugely positive impact on my business and my life. When you discover yours, you’re going to thrive too.

When you develop the feminine aspects of your being, you connect to your spiritual center. In turn, you live your life with peace, joy and confidence.

To read the entire article check out WE Magazine for Women PDF Version

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