"Kimberly Inglot Success Alchemy Fall Issue"Finding peace and joy by letting go and letting be By Kimberly Englot (Excerpt from WE Magazine for Women Fall Success Alchemy)

Five years ago I was miserable. I was angry, resentful and not a lot of fun to be around. In fact, I was desperately seeking happiness in a career, a new car, a house…THINGS…and not finding it.

Five years ago, I was standing in the kitchen of my first home (newly purchased with my new husband) and looking at a very small rent-deposit reimbursement check (from our old apartment). It was half of what it should have been and I was seriously ticked.

I started to rant and rave at my husband about what a terrible company they were, and how we were wronged, and how I was going to call them up and give them a piece of my mind.

“I HATE this company. I HATE that they’re doing this to us. I HATE that customer service rep who did the walk through with us and lied to me saying everything looked perfect,” I burst out in anger.

Dear husband looked at me calmly, and said, “You hate everything….”

He said more after that (probably to do with calming down and it’s not that big of a deal) but I wasn’t listening. All I heard was, You. Hate. Everything.

And seeing who he saw, an angry, resentful, frustrated and discouraged young woman, I realized I needed to do something to change my attitude. Searching for happiness in things wasn’t working if I was losing my mind over insignificant problems.

I didn’t want to be the person who hated everything. I wanted to be happy for no reason.

That was the moment that transformed my life. I didn’t instantly become the happiest person on earth, but I did decide to try something new and follow my dreams, no matter how silly they seemed.

I did some research, read a lot, listened to teleseminars, hired a coach and got serious about what I wanted in life.

A few years later after I started my Authentic-Life coaching business, I was hit with a formula for happiness. I had the urge (one of the things I always do now is follow my instincts that don’t leave me alone) to grab a pen and paper and write down five words: Excitement + Joy + Inspiration + Freedom = Happiness. (When writing about the Happiness Formula in my book “The Now of Happiness: Your Official Happiness Formula”, I added in Love).

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