Meet Jennifer Stoll, Founder of  The Stand Up Coach


Self proclaimed “Domestic Goddess turned Mompreneur”, Jennifer Stoll is a speaker, success coach specializing in the Direct Sales/Home Party Plan industry and author of “The Compelling Why Story – an effective way to attract new recruits”.  Lovingly known as “Ferfer”, Jennifer is a homeschooling mom of two boys and founder of The Stand Up Coach.  Providing keynote speeches and one-on-one or group coaching both live and via teleseminar, Jennifer has reached out to a community of Direct Selling Consultants in a way that is quickly grasped.  Jennifer has found it both an honor and a privilege to engage with her coaching clients, assisting them in realizing their own potential within.  “It’s already in you, I simply reflect what is within and encourage you to manifest the success that is written in your core” says Stoll.

Having been in Direct Sales for more than 10 years, Jennifer had grown frustrated with hearing the same old booking, selling and recruiting tips.  She knew there was a better way to run her Party Plan business than to simply plant business cards on car windshields and hope for the best.  Driven by the lack of resources for consultants in today’s industry, Jennifer began implementing some techniques that by many would be considered taboo.  Jennifer’s team steadily rose to being the top team in her state and she personally was featured in their company catalog as one of the top 5 consultants in her company.  During that time it became clear that direct sales coaching would naturally be her next step as countless direct sales consultants from a variety of companies began approaching her wanting to know her techniques.  In March of 2008 Jennifer Stoll became “The Stand Up Coach”.

Sad news came in December of 2008 when the direct sales company Stoll was representing had closed their doors.  However, this proved to be a valuable learning experience for Jennifer as she began training her coaching clients on moving forward when a company closes, as well as how to engage and take under their wings the consultants who recently experienced a company closing.  Stoll knew at that moment that she needed to remain in the trenches so she could stay afoot of all things new in the industry.  Jennifer is currently growing her new direct selling business achieving significant results using the same tips and techniques she teaches to her ever growing list of coaching clients. 

Clients of The Stand Up Coach are always prepared for serious note-taking and some “not-so-serious” fun.  Jennifer’s approach is hilarious, in fact many people say she should be a stand-up comic or appear on shows like SNL and MadTV.  The Stand Up Coach name is two-fold: not only has Stoll incorporated her humor, but she also believes there are some really incredible things worth standing up for in business and each entrepreneur needs to “stand up” and uniquely set themselves apart.  Clients boast that Stoll’s fun attitude is contagious and never fails to bring a smile.

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