WE had the pleasure of interviewing Sheri McConnell founder of the National Association of Women Writers (among others) about two timely new books she wrote. Here’s what Sheri had to say:

Sheri McConnells talks about Smart Women Create Membership-Based Businesses
Why did you write this book?  I had so many clients coming to me asking me how I had started and gotten the National Association of Women Writers so successful in less than 5 years… it hit six-figures in 3 years. And going into 2010 all three of my companies will hit 2.6 million. The unexpected part about this particular book is how much I inspired people to just step up and be leaders and take the initiative to create a company that builds equity for them each day instead of working so hard everyday in a service-based business and not having a thing to show for it.

Who is your target audience? This book is definitely written for women, but lots of “Smart Men” read it too. All women (entrepreneurial or not) should read it because they need to be aware of their decisions and how being on autopilot is affecting their lives and their ability to work smarter and not harder. 
Sheri McConnell talks about The Smart Women’s Book of Powerful Quotations
Why did you write this book? Honestly, I got tired of opening up quote books and the quotes being full of old dead white men. 😉 sorry, it is my honest answer. I wanted quotes from women who had been through similar circumstances and could inspire me to stick with it or to grow from a difficulty.

Who is your target audience? Creative women of all types will enjoy this book. It isn’t just a book full of quotes, it is much more. I organized all of the quotes into sixteen chapters, sixteen paths if you will on how I believe women find their power at different points in their lives. We get feedback all the time from women just so grateful that this inspiring reference tool exists.

How do you manage running three companies and raising four children? Lots and lots of delegation. Seriously, I have learned over the years as the companies grew that in order to enjoy my family, I needed to delegate everything I possibly could. I love teaching people how to think and act differently than everyone on their street so they can get different results than everyone else on their street!

What’s next for Sheri McConnell? In 2010, we have two more Smart Women books coming out, we have full mastermind programs that will be in progress, we have a new Foundation, and then we have a big event in October that we are already planning for. We are looking forward to fulfilling our goal of being the largest Global Success Training Company for Female Entrepreneurs.

Learn more about Sheri McConnell and all her endeavors at http://www.sherimcconnell.com/