"The Sister Gospels Is Like Comfort Food For The Mind And Spirt"The Sister Gospels, the first published novel of Vera Jennings, was ten years in the making. It is a faith-based story depicting the intertwining lives of four close-knit African-American sisters as each embarks on her own tumultuous path to growth and self-discovery. A tragic loss, a doomed relationship, substance abuse and adjusting to life after divorce are the trials that test the sisters’ strength of character as they draw closer to God and one another.

The genre for The Sister Gospels can be summed up as urban, Christian fiction romance which offers an irresistible and popular niche for female readers in particular. However, the book also features secular themes and prominent male characters that creates universal appeal and offers a compelling slice-of-life human drama. Though most of the main characters are African-American, with several having a personal relationship with Christ, it is a story everyone can relate to, including non-believers.

The Sister Gospels is already enjoying rave reviews on Amazon. “Engrossing. This book kept me interested from start to finish and I truly enjoyed how each story was connected but also stood on their own,” was Sharon Valentine’s comment. “Powerfully Good. I really did enjoy this book. It touched a spot in my heart. I had to bring out the Kleenex,” wrote Kendra Cheatham.

The main objective of the author is to foster introspection along the way and her novel, both passionate and persuasive, certainly accomplishes this. Written with the intention to inspire and stir the soul of the reader, Jennings’ manages to pull this off expertly. With strong and engaging characters, the rich telling of exploits involving the four sisters makes for a thoroughly entertaining read, difficult to put down.

Vera Jennings was born and raised in Chicago, the third of six children. She has previously had two short stories published and written another faith-based novel entitled The Way of a Heart, which is slated for publication sometime in the future. Jennings now calls southeastern Wisconsin home, where she lives with her husband, Fred. For more information on this creative writer, please visit her website at: www.firstratefiction.com .