INTRODUCTION: Enjoy this series of Inspirational Tips and Action points by Maria Mar, the Dream Alchemist. Each tip is designed to help you crossover into your dream. We will run one tip per week for the months of September and October.

Do not give your power away to money by rejecting it or clutching to it. Don’t blame money as the reason why you cannot start your dream or live your purpose today. For every money reason you give yourself, there’s a true reason you are covering up. (Maria Mar)

"Dream Crossover Money"Food for Thought

Many of us give away our power to money either by rejecting it or by clutching to it, making it the master of our life by surrendering our Free-choice to it. Here are some examples.

• You are in a job that constantly violates your values and you are getting sick. But it pays so well! What would you do if you suddenly had no money? How would you pay your expensive car, your mortgage? You allow fear of not having money to keep you there, and you sell your soul.

• Your boss is a bully. She is always putting you down, never recognizes your worth and makes you do things that are not in your job description just to undermine you. You’d like to challenge her or quit your job. But you think of the employment crisis and the current economy. You paint yourself a picture of scarcity and you do not stand up for your dignity.

• You know that you want to create a business to deliver your life purpose. You even know what you want to do and how to do it. But uncertainty paralysis you and you keep postponing your start-up.

• You know you need to find a way to nurture your dream and get clear on how to deliver your purpose in life. But every time you find a great coach or spiritual advisor, you begin to worry about the cost and pull back. You are hiding your self-neglect and self-betrayal behind money.

What can you do right now to express your life purpose in the world that does NOT cost you money?

How willing are you to invest in yourself and your dream?

Action Points

No cost Actions

• Make a list of at least 12 things you can do right now that do not cost money and that allow you to express your DreamSelf and your life purpose.

• Examples: tweet a piece of my knowledge, write a blog post, call that friend who asked me a question and answer it, do an audio and share it for free in iTunes. Share one of my art pieces in Pinterest. Read my poem in open mike at the community poetry rap. Start a meet-up group, etc.

• Choose the 7 things that seem must doable, and do one each day this week.

Investment Actions

• Make a list of the 3 things that cost money that you have been procrastinating but that are a must-do in order for you to achieve success, create your dream or deliver your purpose.

• Example: Get support and guidance to crossover into my dream, get business coaching, learn marketing skills, get a virtual assistant, get a PR person, publish my book, etc.

• Find the ROI. Write up their cost. Now write up what they will allow you to do and how this will make money or free you to make a living from your dream or purpose. Understand the return in your investment, either in money, happiness, fulfillment or peace of mind; or all of the above.

• Make a commitment to do the first one that you need to do in order to be able to do the rest.

• Design a plan as to where you will get this money now. Take action.

Don’t daydream. Do your Dream!


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