By Bonnie Ross-Parker

 How often are we aware that we control the choices we make?  It doesn’t matter what the situation, every decision is a choice.  Linda Larsen says it best: “Everything in my life I create, promote, allow or step in.  If there is something in my life I no longer choose – I take full responsibility for changing it.  I am in the driver’s seat.  And, I love it.”

 When I first came across her quote, I was struck by its simplicity and impact.  We control our lives.  We control our choices.  We have the freedom to control our thoughts, our actions and outcome!  Imagine a life when we can’t blame others for what happens to us.  Imagine a life where our choices provide us with the life we desire.  Imagine a world where everyone assumes responsibility for their lives!  Just imagine!

 As a woman, it’s sometimes difficult for me to make the choices I prefer.  It becomes a  balancing act between what serves me well and the consequences of my choices on others.   For some reason, I sometimes allow the need for acceptance, harmony and consideration for the feelings of those around me to have greater impact on my life than what I want for myself!  I occasionally feel guilty when I’d rather have time to myself than babysit grandchildren or feel selfish if I say ‘no’ to a request because it’s not something I want to do.  So, the question is – how can we execute the power of choice and still live peacefully in spite of knowing that our choices may not meet with the approval of others? 

 The nagging need for approval can weigh heavily on the choices I make.  Does any of this resonate with you?  Do you share the frustration of wanting to have the power of your choices while simultaneously wanting to please others?   Is this a woman’s issue?  Do men face the same ambivalence?   If not, why not?  They make choices all the time.  Do they consider the consequences?

 I think some of the biggest roadblocks in exercising the power of choice are rejection, failure, success, the unknown and pain.  We’d rather please others than stand our ground.  We’d rather compromise than remain firm in our belief.  We’d rather ‘go with the flow’ than ‘upset the apple cart’. 

 If you are in network marketing, you  know too well how easily naysayers can strip your confidence!  Unless you remain firm in your profession, stay the course in your determination to succeed and set a high standard in your behavior, you enable others to chip away at the choices you make.  Who are others to stand in our way?  Who has the power to deny our right to succeed?  Who has control over us besides us?  We have the power of choice.  We have the right to seek financial freedom.  We have the right to represent products or services we believe in.  Of course, as in any business, there are risks.  In any endeavor there are challenges.  What meaningful work can anyone do that doesn’t have a down side? 

 Who is responsible for your life? Who has the right to determine your destiny?  Who has the right to control your choices?  No one, but you!  It is your example that will encourage others to step out.  It is your example that will prove doubters wrong.  You must go where you haven’t been.  You must step up to become the person you were meant to be.  You must exercise your power of choice.  You must lead the way to a better future.   You must raise the bar for all individuals who crave the freedom to choose the direction of their lives and do so with confidence, conviction and trust. 

Bonnie Ross-Parker, a.k.a., America’s Connection Diva, is the CEO/Founder of The Joy of Connecting.  Reach her at or