With the cruise planned for almost a year, this was Patricia and Marty Weber’s first trip to the Greek Islands. It just happened that the first full day of being in port at Ephesus, Turkey, was their anniversary, their 40th anniversary. This is a milestone for any couple, but for an introvert and extrovert couple it’s lots of stepping-stones.

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My first hint didn’t happen until we were having dinner the evening before,” says Patricia. “Marty was out on the balcony talking with friends in Turkey when she over heard him say under his breath, “She doesn’t have a clue.”

On the way out of the cabin she asked him what she didn’t know about. He told some kind of story about a gift was in the works for them upon meeting up with his Rotarian friends in port. It seemed logical to her (an introvert quite often uses logic) and the evening went on just normally.


They were picked up at the docks in Kusadasi, about a 30-minute drive from Ephesus, by two of Marty’s Rotarian connections. Marty was in his extrovert element with excitement.

“What I was thinking, since we visited Ephesus a couple of times already, is this was to be a private guide who would take us to parts we likely hadn’t visited before.” She was really looking forward to a private tour she told the three men. Marty continued to play along reminding her how when they had visited Egypt the private guide was the highlight of their visit there.

The ride was uneventful and upon arrival in Ephesus the parking was wide open. As their host paid their entrance fee, they went through the entry gates and more Rotarians joined the four of them. Further up the path a couple of more joined in including a couple, Mark and Michelle, who claimed they just joined Rotary.

“It was odd how Michelle dodged my question about how they got to Turkey in the first place!” Patricia comments laughingly.

It seemed like many people were joining the private guide walk and they were all Rotarians.


Marty talks about the next stop laughingly. “When we got in front of the amphitheatre, we stopped so I could get a picture of the exchange of Rotary club flags. It really wasn’t as important as just getting Pat to stop and be sure I kept her attention on the walk and off of any possibility of guessing what was going to happen. She doesn’t really like surprises and this was going to be big.” (introverts usually like a plan)

The larger group now, about 12 of them, walked just a little further. Marty then asked Pat to sit on one of the larger stones so he could focus the camera. She insisted it wasn’t necessary to sit to do this and refused. They both bandied back and forth for several times with “Sit,” then “no,” then “sit,” then “no,” and back and forth. Finally Marty had to make his move.

“The next thing I know is that Marty is down on one of his knees!” She was laughing yet confused. He pulled her down to sit on the rock. She looked at Marty, then the group and then back to Marty.” Then he spoke.

It turns out that while Patricia was planning the cruise over the course of the year, Marty was planning his surprise! With emails back and forth to his Turkish Rotarian friends, he knew the exact place to deliver his surprise with the most memorable meaning.

“Pat, would you marry me for another 40 years?”

She was practically hysterical and almost knocked her hat off of her head as her hands covered her face.

“What? Are you crazy!” she cried.


“No, really, would you marry me again?” repeated Marty.

Now she was bent over with laughter and not believing it she said, “Oh stop it!”

Then she heard Michelle call her name. “Pat, please say yes. If you say yes, then, well, Mark and I are not really Rotarians. We’re ministers here doing missionary work. And if you say yes, we’re all going to walk down to the Church of St. Mary and marry you again.”

It was Marty’s last chance. He asked her again, “Pat, would you marry me?”

By then Patricia was laughing with tears. Looking Marty straight in his eyes she said, “If it will get you back into church then yes, I will!”

Laughter, clapping and cameras snapped to capture the moment. It was a renewal of vows, at a most unexpected place in the world – the Church of Mary is the first known Christian church. And, with another 40 years ahead it was a most romantic gesture that any woman, or man, would always remember. Ask them in another 40 years!

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