, a premier consumer advocate Web site, is championing the consumer voice to provide authority and create awareness between consumer complaints and corporations, in hopes of generating solutions to improve the customer experience. As many consumers have encountered negative customer service or faulty products, they now have an outlet to unite with other consumers as the authority to be heard. is not just a consumer complaint Web site, but focuses on advocating the rights of consumers. Consumers are encouraged to submit groubals to, and the Groubal team champions the most popular issues by taking the problem directly to the company or industry named in the groubal. Each company is given the opportunity to respond to the consumer complaint, while the Groubal team seeks others in the perspective industry to do the same until desired action is achieved.

“In today’s world, millions are strugggling for their survival, as many encounter a variety of problems and might not have the financial resources to properly solve them,” stated Robert Doner, founder, “If one person experiences an issue that’s being ignored, chances are many others are in a similar situation. We’re here to create awareness and provide consumers an outlet to be the authority in creating change for improved customer experiences.”

Although consumers can submit their groubals through the company’s Web site, also encourages consumers to bet against companies they believe will fail their customers the most in Groubal’s free Facebook game, Groubulation. In addition, consumers can also visit the Groubal Community Sentiment Index (Groubal CSI) to view the barometer that measures real global customer sentiment.

Additional information about, Groubulation, Groubal CSI, and how to create, sign and support a groubal, can be found by visiting