By Lisa R. Tucci

For anyone who grew up with fables and King Arthur lore, you will remember the enchantress Morgana and half sister of Arthur.  Well, today you can find her very namesake, the self-proclaimed Money Magic Queen is none the less magical, but fortunately for all of us, a much more benevolent sorceress.  Morgana Rae uses her magical abilities to help others manifest wealth and abundance and prosperity in their lives.

Going back again to days gone by, when kings and courtiers the world over pleaded with their scientists – or alchemists at the time – to create gold from lead, Morgana coaches and preaches Financial Alchemy; again creating the gold in your life from a lackluster existence.  Only with Morgana, it actually works.

It almost sounds too good to be true, but, if you step out of the magical fairytale and really hear what Morgana is saying, you will most likely see your own magical light at the end of what is for many, a dark tunnel of financial worries and woes.

Morgana is a leading expert on wealth manifestation, and the owner of Charmed Life Coaching, a successful life and business coaching company.  In her sessions, she stirs up a strong potion of life coaching, dynamic exercises, and loads of fun to help clients transform their lives.

What is her magical secret?  She helps you create an entirely new relationship with Money – your next significant other or your ‘money honey’ as she calls him – and build one of love, trust and mutual respect.  Not only do you find that your relationship with money has changed dramatically, and you get to reap the rewards, you’ll also find that your relationships with partners, clients, family and friends improve too.

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