"river of sacred commerce"Five thousand years ago, people relied on rivers to provide pathways of commerce, of connection, of community. In today’s culture, that river is the Internet where you do business, meet new people and share with people you’ve never met in person but who may be among your best friends.

Back in ancient Egypt, commerce was advanced by travelling Merchant Priests. These priests were trained to regard business a sacred practice, rather than just a financial transaction. It was considered a vehicle by which both vendors and customers could raise their vibrational consciousness, contribute to their communities and, ultimately, create their self-actualization.

The Merchant Priests were responsible for maintaining balance and flow of abundance with people and amongst communities. Business was their channel for making sure that there was a healthy flow of goods through and across the population geographically and amongst economic levels so that there was consistency in experiencing wealth.

They considered goods as a measure of energy vs. being a profit center; their emphasis was on prosperity as a practice and trust was the keystone of good business. Even more fascinating is that these merchant priests traded in precious goods as determined by their ability to carry positive energetic frequencies rather than focusing on their financial value.

This is radically different from today’s marketplace where you can find and exchange anything and everything, much of it without energetically supportive qualities or in a way that honors the connection as the sacred trust it actually represents.

The Merchant Priests were concerned with the overall health and well-being of the collective community and could actually monitor and manage the psychic tone of their culture, much like we rely on the stock market to tell us how our economy is doing. Sacred commerce, or the merchant priesthood, is the foundation and the future of business.

Business is a symbol for the health of our collective community. It’s an accelerator of cultural evolution and personal expansion. By allowing your spiritual practice to come through your business and online presence, you are walking the path of your divine purpose. By unifying your life and your livelihood, you are increasing your ability to contribute in a more powerful and profound way to your growth, your legacy and the greater good.

When you look at how you’ve been approaching your business especially online (using the river of life), and how people have been doing business with you, is it in integrity with higher consciousness? Or is it just a way to make money?

If it doesn’t feel good to think about your business in the light of sacred commerce, consider this your invitation to become a modern-day virtual Merchant Priest. You, your business, and everyone you touch along your Internet river, will benefit.


Making the most of human nature since 1998, Lynn Scheurell believes that business is your highest calling made manifest through service. By teaching the art of sacred entrepreneuring, she bridges the transformational gap that each business owner encounters in their journey toward conscious, and often dramatic, results. By honoring your natural gifts and living to what really matters, all choices become a purposeful expression of personal destiny which creates dramatic results quickly in both life and business. Learn more at www.MyCreativeCatalyst.com.