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The Indie Business Revolution

The Indie Business Movie shares the compelling stories of four dynamic, independent woman business owners.

While most media outlets feature business owners after they achieve certain milestones, especially financial ones, there is a “reality” gap for many entrepreneurs, especially women. Women typically do not have access to as much capital as men, and this movie shows that you don’t need an investor or a business loan to start a business of your own.

We tell the stories of people who are where most people are today. What inspires them? How do they keep going in this economy? What makes them tick? Why are they in business instead of a job? What drives them when conventional wisdom says that most of their businesses will fold after a year or two?

These and other questions are answered from the diverse perspectives of 4 inspirational women.

Submitted by Donna Maria Coles Johnson of Indie Business Media, LLC. For more information visit:

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  1. Heidi!

    We are absolutely delighted to win 2nd place in the WE Magazine Announces Video Competition in the Inspirational/Human Interest Category!

    What an honor it is to be recognized for our work to support small and independent business owners around the nation. Thank you for allowing us to be in such great company and for hosting this program.

    Special thanks to the Indies featured in the video: Lisa Rodgers of Cactus & Ivy, Lela Barker of Bella Lucce, Dedra Harvin of The Ivory Magnolia and Maureen Maples of Emotion Potions.

    Thank you again! Now off to spread the news!

  2. Heidi Richards says:

    Donna Marie,

    We are delighted and honored to share your great news with our readers. Many thanks for entering the competition. I look forward to more great things to come!