"The Gym is the Ideal Place to Meet a Potential Partner!"Get a great body, and a great relationship too…

Relationships work best when both partners have things in common, and if one of those things is an interest in looking after their bodies and keeping fit and healthy, it’s a win-win situation.

So it makes sense that a survey conducted amongst 1,500 members of social dating service Canoodle.com, which matches people with similar interests, found that 62% of men and women find the gym a good place to meet new people; three quarters of people said they would rather meet someone there than in a bar. And an overwhelming 80% of them believe that an interest in fitness is important in a potential partner, because it means they look after themselves.

Apart from the obvious benefit that the gym brings, over a bar, of minimizing the risk of drunken mistakes, a fifth of Canoodle.com members said that meeting someone there would actually encourage them to work out more themselves.

Interestingly, when it comes to focusing on their workout, the two genders have slightly different priorities! 61% of men believe they can multi-task and like to strike up conversations whilst working out, whereas women would rather concentrate on their exercise routine first and foremost, with 62% of them saying they’d rather not be distracted – until after they finish!

And when it comes to gym attire, it seems ladies can relax, safe in the knowledge that that combination of leg warmers and lycra is a definite turn-on – 76% of men confess to finding gym clothing attractive! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to

So if you want to meet someone that shares your love of fitness, log onto: www.canoodle.com

Canoodle.com, launched in November 2012, is a new multi-platform social dating service that connects singles with common interests around the world, brings top news, trends and events, and involves people in sharing their interests and comments. Canoodle.com offers an innovative matchmaking system that helps users find matches and like-minded people easier and faster. There are more than 6 million interests in the Canoodle.com database and it’s constantly growing. Canoodle already has half a million users and is rapidly growing.