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The Great Cholesterol Lie

Many people believe that their aches and pains are just a part of aging.  However, what may be causing the problem is inflammation.  For many, the thought that inflammation in their body is creating a problem is the last line of thinking.

They will endure treatment after treatment without relief when the simple answer may have been inflammation, the silent killer.  When inflammation is determined to be the cause, you would be amazed at how simple the solution really is to eliminate it.

There has been a great deal of research on the effect of chronic inflammation on a number of diseases in the body.  Conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, diabetes, ADD, and a variety of aches and pains are all linked definitively to inflammation.  When eliminating inflammation is the course of treatment there can be a dramatic result.

An anti-inflammatory diet is one of the ways that a patient can eliminate inflammation and begin to experience better health. The problem is that the food industry has made it too easy to purchase products that create inflammation.  To become pro-active today in your own health, you have to become knowledgeable in how foods are labeled and what those labels actually mean.

The FDA has allowed food manufacturers to label foods as containing beneficial Omega-3 even though the product contains a four to one ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3.  While this may sound ideal and in keeping with the latest research, the need today is to eliminate Omega-6s entirely and not add more in a processed food product.  This means that people who are eating these foods under the misconception they are benefiting their health are causing more harm than good by adding inflammation.

Because of this loophole in the FDA regulation, food manufacturers are perpetrating a deception on the public.  Smart consumers will have to rely on their own research and information to get the health benefits that an anti-inflammatory diet can provide.

The best path to health and eliminating inflammation is eating natural, whole foods as often as possible. Eliminate processed foods, fast food restaurants and eat foods rich in natural ingredients prepared from home more often than not.

There is a wealth of information on the subject of inflammation and the effect on the body.  While it may not have yet reached mainstream awareness, consumers who educate themselves on foods they are eating will be the ones that, through taking control of their health, create a far better quality of life free of inflammation.


Lois Smithers, a life-long equestrian, had many competition injuries including two fractured vertebrae over the course of many years all of which healed.  When injuries appeared to resurface at middle age in 1999, unanimous diagnoses were old injuries combined with aging with little medicine could do.  She spent the next six years trying everything possible from spinal injection, medication to acupuncture until 2005 when she discovered Omega-3.  In less than a month, those disabling years ended very quickly.  Intrigued by why those years had to happen at all, she spent the next 4 researching Omega-3, Omega-6 and the inflammation link to foods.

As she learned, we erroneously assume pain will be a by-product of aging as bones get older, joints stiffen, well-used muscles will ache.  Quite often, it signals something much deeper.  Don’t assume a dull, over-all ache is injury or age related.  Inflammation is known as the “silent killer” for a very good reason.  By the time the first ache makes an appearance, inflammation has been mounting and building for quite some time.  Today a simple c-reactive protein test can determine the level of inflammation in the body.

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