By Arielle Giordano

"born to dance"Born to Dance

As human, we were born to dance. Since ancient times, dance was an important part of our identity. Millions of years ago, one tribe member asked another, “What do you dance?” What was once our human signature has now become our Facebook page!

Dance and movement allows us to be in our bodies and physically present to move in new ways. Through these movements, we are teaching our body new patterns and ways to function. Mentally we get to think of other things instead of our challenges, stress and drama in our lives. Emotionally, dance helps to create new brain patterns by helping us get out of our own crusty patterns. Spiritually, we get to express ourselves in a creative way. Through enjoying and relaxing into the body, you can go deeper within your body. You can feel all parts of your body. You can feel the vulnerability of being in your body. Being in the body and the expression o f it, assists in the movement and healing of the physical cellular structures. This movement has the ability to set in motion, thoughts and feelings that were unknown and unseen. Insights and awareness have an opportunity to come to conscious awareness.. Experiences become conscious through the body experience and the expression of it. You begin to dance from the inside out!

Dance is an unspoken universal language expressed in the body. Dance is an integral aspect of the universal mind. Dance consciousness is the awareness of being and moving in everything within a graceful state of being and expression.. Dance provides an opportunity for consciousness to live into the expression of what is highest within.. As everything in the universe dances, we dance with it. We flow, we pulse, we harmonize, we integrate. We are dancing beings.

Dance is a form of body language that expresses itself in unique ways through the body instrument. The body has the ability to open your heart and touch the soul. The body has the awareness to let you see and move into new spaces within. Set it free to take you into new qualities and explorations of you and new ways of being.

Arielle Giordano M.A.M.E. is a professional author, dancer, performer, choreographer, teacher, therapist, and facilitator. She does creative workshops on awakening and expressing body, mind heart, spirit and soul through dance and the expressive arts. She offers an eclectic accumulation of knowledge, psychology, philosophy, creative arts, dance forms, styles and techniques. From belly dancer and snake charmer on the Moroccan village stage in Busch Gardens and Universal Studios, Florida to Hawaii and the Hula, her love of the dance since age 5 continues to be her passion.You can find out more about Arielle at her website,