I know, I know, kind of a ‘clickbait’ type headline but really that’s what this brief post is about! Looking younger is something we all want and to be honest most of us don’t worry about it until we start to see the aging process in the mirror and regret not taking better care of our skin and/or overall health from a younger age.  I won’t keep you in suspense much longer, the easiest and quickest way for women 40+ to take years and years off of their appearance (possibly up to 10 years) is to treat the often neglected areas of your skin that you simply never treated as a part of your skincare regimen.  Makes sense, right and what would those areas be?  Here they are listed out for you;

  1. The décolletage area (neck and chest) is by far the most neglected area of skin on a woman’s body.  When this area starts to show chest wrinkles it immediately adds years on to your age. Our ‘Time to Glow’ Décolletage Collection is designed to treat this area in a continuous 24/7 fashion with a morning cream, evening sleep mask and then an as needed after sun exposure Vitamin C Primer.  The sleep mask works to tighten skin while you sleep to lessen the damage that side sleeping does while the morning cream plumps up those creases so you can face the day feeling confident.  The Vitamin C Primer helps even out blotchy skin and redness after sun exposure. We attack this problem head on from all angles to get that décolletage area looking younger fast!  
  1. The hands.  Yes, it’s no secret that all the plastic surgery in the world can’t hide how your hands look.  You’ve probably heard that expression that if you want to know a woman’s true age just look at her hands.  Treating your hands with a solid moisturizing hand cream with vitamins will help keep those hands looking nice and young.  With the state of the world right now and all of the use of hand sanitizer and excessive hand washing the problem is going to get even more worse.  Lola Collective aims to solve this problem with our Post Wash Hand Conditioning Cream designed to be used after hand washing to restore what you just took out of your skin and fight the use of abrasive soaps and sanitizer.
  2. The feet.  While we’ve never done an actual survey on this but our bet is that 9 out of 10 women you ask don’t regularly apply skincare products to their feet.  Wearing high heels, sweating in tennis shoes or while working out, walking barefoot, swelling, etc… all takes a toll on your feet.  Who doesn’t want their feet to look great in those cute sandals or even by the pool?  We all do but we neglect this area as well.  Lola is bringing to market a foot cream to help get those feet into shape and keep them looking younger as well.

Let’s Add Up The Number of Years of Age You Can Take Off of Your Appearance 


So as the title of our post says, “The Fastest Way to Look 10 Years Younger” let’s live up to that statement and actually add up the years and time required so you know you can actually do this!  

Decolletage Repair:  To see improvement, use our Time to Glow Decolletage Collection for 1 month.  By smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles in this area you’ll appear younger than you really are.  By how much it’s tough to say as that is subjective but you’ll appear younger ?

Hand Treatment:  If the rest of you is looking good those hands will be the one giving away your true age or worse making you appear older than you are.  Treating the hands with our Post Wash Hand Smoothing Cream for 1 month will help lessen spotty skin, improve texture and crepiness.  Potential to appear younger than you are?  Having better looking hands will definitely do that.

Foot Treatment:  If you have callouses on your feet, rough skin on your heel or simply wrinkled feet you’ll want to use a quality foot cream for 2 to 4 weeks to make improvements to the area.  A pedicure at the outset of treating the area will also help tremendously.  Until Lola launches our foot cream you’ll need to try one of the others on the market.  Getting those feet in shape will definitely help you look younger.

In summary, taking years off your appearance can be done in about 1 month by following the above.  Hit the décolletage, the hands and feet since you have most likely neglected these areas of the years and yes you can look much younger than you really are!


*This is a sponsored post