If you are a trendy diva, you would want to look good every day, every time and everywhere you go. While making heads turn when you step into the office or club would be your top priority, you wouldn’t want to compromise with your gym look as well. The idea is to look classy chic in your workout outfits so that you stand apart with your trendy fashion choices. If you want to get the temperature soaring while you sweat out the gym, here are some super-awesome style tips you can try for making an impression.

Layer it up 

Let’s face it, getting attention is all about looking different! And this is something you can do by experimenting with what you have in your wardrobe. Layering is a great idea as it adds dimension to your regular gym outfits. Try wearing a bright neon jacket over your basic t-shirt and leggings. It will look stylish and keep you warm on cooler days. And if the weather is hot, you can layer it up with a cotton shirt. Layering need not be confined to the top as you can try wearing shorts over your leggings. 

Mix and match

Apart from layering, you can also try to mix and match ideas for taking experimentation to the next level. Again, a combination of basics with vibrant shades does the trick. And you can also try to play with prints and patterns when it comes to mix and match. Look for creative combos but don’t go overboard because you wouldn’t want attention for the wrong reasons. The best way to do it is by keeping things subtle even as you want to have an ensemble that is eye-catching.

Refresh your wardrobe

Investing in a refresh for your workout wardrobe is as important as doing it for your work and party outfits. Follow the latest trends but opt for pieces that match your personal style and look good on you. You can go through this Fabletics review to get some style inspiration. More than anything else, prioritize pieces that offer perfect fits and comfortable feel. Pay attention to the fabric and quality as well. 

Ace with accessories 

When it comes to looking classy chic at the gym, you cannot overlook the value of accessories. In fact, you can ace with accessories and get all the attention you deserve. Have a few pairs of shoes so that you need not be confined to the basics like white and gray. Rather, pick a bright one in neon or vibrant pink to pep up your look a few times a week. And don’t forget to top the look with a cool headband that keeps your hair in place and makes you look stylish as well. Innerwear is important from the fit perspective.

Nailing a perfect workout look is easier than you believe, provided that you own the right outfits and know how to style them. And you can surely look up to your favorite celebrity for some inspiration on workout styling!  


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