… and the insecurities that thrive on it. This article is about the dark controversial side of personal growth.

Who doesn’t want to be perfect? In our society, we are used to maintaining this so-called facade, so people around us are led into thinking that we have no flaws at all. In our world, where we’ve almost created a cult of perfection, there seems to be less and less space for ‘faulty’ individuals. Meanwhile, big industries like fitness, beauty, finances, and many others thrive on our insecurities and cash them out day in and day out. The question is, does that stereotypical perfection translate into a happy life? And, after all, we are born to be real, not flawless.

Losing the fight against flaws to find your authentic self

Toxic standards of success are nothing new to read about. They’ve been here for many years, only becoming higher with time, although people still haven’t learned how to become impeccable.

As Kristina Mand-Lakhiani, a co-founder of Mindvalley, says in her new book, “Becoming Flawsome ,” “Even within the world of personal development and spirituality, toxic perfectionism lurks in the shadows.” Having had 19 years of experience in personal transformation, she reflects on her own story of fighting against unattainable ideals that set those imaginary boundaries, not letting our true selves be free.

Being an entrepreneur, a great international speaker, a talented artist, a philanthropist, and a mother of two, Kristina shares her journey of losing herself and then reclaiming her authenticity. Why do we want to shove our ‘flawsomeness’ into a deep hole instead of embracing, cherishing, and finally turning it into something that actually makes us distinctive?

“Becoming Flawsome” is described as “10 years’ worth of therapy in one book” and will guide its reader through the paths of integrating new concepts based on Kristina’s story of regaining her truthfulness. 

Her work, full of daring honesty, aims to help anyone who decides to immerse themselves in Kristina’s world of learning from experience and being unconditionally kind and understanding towards ourselves.

It was inspired by an interesting situation in Kristina’s life that happened a couple of years ago. She ran into an old friend of hers whom she hadn’t seen for a while and who told her that she had missed Kristina. The response was, “I missed me too!”

It’s unbelievable how many modern people choose to wear their social masks in the name of perfection, no matter what they feel inside. “Becoming Flawsome,” which launches on July 13, 2023, doesn’t let us forget how important it is to not give up our real selves in the modern world obsessed with chasing success. It teaches us to perceive our life roles from a more fun perspective. This book is a deep, honest, and very educational conversation about dealing with emotions and looking for the true meaning of joy.

Kristina Mand-Lakhiani supports the philosophy that everyone is fully responsible for their own happiness, so she doesn’t just advise her readers on how to reach bliss but rather gives them a tool that can help people live life on their own terms. 

  Olivia Stern, a freelance writer from North Dakota passionate about personal development, psychology, and the nature of our habits and decisions. She covers topics that are currently relevant to her own personal growth journey and features entrepreneurs and creative thinkers that currently inspire her.