"Corazon Tierra Success Alchemy fall 2012"By Corazón Tierra (Excerpt from WE Magazine for Women Fall Success Alchemy)

The Dance of Success is made of the steps your Essence takes when it dances with the world. The experience of this dance is the experience of life, and its compass is your BodySoul, that place where you experience your body as an expression of your soul.

Enjoy these five principles that will help you create your authentic success as a dance, the Dance of Success.

STEP 1: Presence

Be present in your body, in the here and now, participating fully in the dance of life.

STEP 2: Space

Sculpt your space with the unique touch of your soul.

STEP 3: Rhythm

Follow your organic rhythm, be in time with your heart, dance to your soul’s tempo.

STEP 4: Harmony

Move from that magical space where soul and body are one.

STEP 5: Flow

Life is your dance partner. Learn to follow its steps and move with grace.

If you are ashamed of your body or are trying to make it fit other people’s expectations, then you will get lost in this dance. You will follow others’ steps and miss your destination.

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