Meet Kathy Carniero, Author/Publisher of The Cann Family and Yummy Desserts:

"Interview with Publisherof The Cann Family and Yummy Desserts"What made you want to write a children’s book series?

I got the idea to write the children’s series from watching my own children grow and learn about life. Children are faced with many challenges while growing up and parents often struggle with ways to talk about these challenges with their kids. I learned from my kids when faced with a challenge if I have something to read to them they then feel more comfortable talking about the situation and coming up with a solution. The D series of The Cann Family books cover any life challenges that start with the letter D that our children may go through. Together if we can teach them about life, struggles and solutions at a young age we will be embedding a foundation for when they are adults.

Your mom is your illustrator for The Cann Family series, what has been the biggest gift in working with your mom on a literary project?

The biggest gift while working with my mom on this project is seeing the smiles and laughter on the kids’ faces after knowing all the hard work and time we have put into it. The ability to take my idea, create a story and then watch my mom paint the illustrations to make the characters come to life is incredible!

Who has been your biggest supporters while writing and starting your publishing company, Live Love Learn Books Publishing?

My biggest supporters for my book and my publishing company has been my family. My mom being proud of me and being involved has pushed me to strive. My husband having the patience to allow me to work hard and giving me the time I need to promote my book and build my publishing company. My kids because every day they remind me why I am doing this and how it will help guide them through life. My 2 oldest love helping me create the stories and characters for the Cann Family books. They enjoy the stories and always relate back to them.

What sets your publishing company apart from other small publishers?

I understand the needs and wants of this industry and what it takes to be on top. I focus primarily on the authors needs to allow them to become successful authors and entrepreneurs. I offer customized packages and work personally with the author through the publishing process.

Remember, , it is not just about conquering your dreams as a writer, but about starting your business as an author.

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