"The Bottom Line in Business is Directly Related to Your Ability to Seal the Deal"One of the most common buzz words in the business arena is SALES! It is a key component to creating a thriving and successful organization.  In conjunction with a producing a high level of sales in your company is the ability to communicate product knowledge effectively.

Typically, in a corporate setting there is a sales team directly responsible for driving financials. The leaders are ear marked as those who demonstrate proficiency in closing sales consistently and efficiently.

Numerous individuals struggle internally with sales, which often stems from a lack of confidence. Ultimately, this anxiety will affect their ability to earn significant amounts of income. The readily available solution to any mental, emotional or physical deficiency is to associate with a personal coach who is certified to teach and train you to operate at optimal degrees of distinction.

If you are under performing in the area of sales, it may be a valuable benefit to consider a professional sales coach. The most common reasons people avoid sales is the fear of failure, rejection and the unknown.

5 questions to ask in determining the need for a sales coach:

  1. Do I frequently procrastinate making sales calls to potential clients due to silent fears?
  2. Am I known to take the initiative of introducing myself first to others at public events or do I prefer to remain an invisible wall flower?
  3. During community events do I prefer sitting towards the front of the room or am I more comfortable in the back of the building?
  4. If a question is posed by a seminar presenter in a crowded room would I boldly raise my hand to express the answer or sit in silence as a mute?
  5. When I speak to individuals is my body language incongruent with my level of expertise? Do I find myself mumbling, stuttering or avoiding eye contact?

If you answered yes to at least one of the five questions above you are in prime position to take advantage of sales coaching. Every great leader at some point or another recognized the need to break through mental barriers with the added force of an outside influencer.  It has been stated, “You can’t see the picture when you are the frame.”

3 key benefits to hiring a sales coach:

1) Accountability-

As a result of reporting numbers to someone other than yourself, productivity increases exponentially.

2) Build Confidence-

A sales coach is privy to your strengths and weaknesses. Where you lack assurance they are able to infuse positive words of assertion to heighten your self-confidence.

3) Constructive Feedback-

It is easy to think that we are doing better than we really are. Constructive feedback allows us to become aware of blind spots that are often deterrents to goal achievement.

The truth is businesses are designed to serve people but an even deeper truth is hinged upon the door knob of sales and in order for the doors to remain open it is imperative you know how to accrue significant amounts of revenue.

Kristie Kennedy, Women’s Empowerment Speaker, Small Business and Leadership Development Coach provides simple success strategies to overcome everyday challenges, internal conflicts and confidence killers. www.kristiekennedy.com