Wines are technically made and developed for different purposes. As you can observe nowadays, wines are not only limited to white and red.

In fact, there are different blends of wines develop to provide optimum satisfaction to all who drinks it. The availability of wines in all wine stores makes every wine lover confident that they have ample choices when it comes to picking the right flavor.

That said, one of the most innovative wine labels that were ever developed are Rose wines. It is a kind of wine that includes the color of every grape skin but not totally everything so it can’t be considered as red wine. Rose wines are considered to be the oldest wine blends made from grape skins and that most vinery is continuing to craft this even better. This is due to the fact that Rose wines are easy to develop and create a huge number of sales.

Typically, Rose wines come in pink color or vivid purple depending on the technique used to derived the right color. In fact, there are three main ways Rose wines are produced. They are namely saignee, blending, and skin contact. Aside from that. Each bottle of Rose wine can be produced as either a still one, semi-sparkling, or a sparkling wine. Each one may also come with different levels of sweetness depending on the Rose type.

With the massive availability of Rose wines you can find at any given winery store, it is inevitable that you might have difficulty picking the right bottle. In that sense, we are going to show you some best Rose wine labels you can grab now as they are already out in the market. Rest assured that if you taste one these Rose wines, you’ll truly feel the diverse side of winery world and the best Rose blends they can offer.

2018 D’Esclans Whispering Angel Rose

This bottle of wine is a Rose proprietary blend that you can find in a fine wine merchant such as Sokolin Fine Wines . This Rose blend is a combination of ingredients coming from melon, strawberry, and white peach which offers floral and juicy notes inside your palate. This wine label gives a full intense taste as soon as you sip a glass of it.

Moreover, once the 2018 D’Esclans Whispering Angel Rose reacher your taste buds, it comes with a pure, crisp, and medium-bodied finish that really entices you to keep coming back for it. Truly, this Rose wine label can uplift your spirit especially when you feel so stressed since it provides a soothing and relaxing vibe once you drink it.

2018 Château Sainte Roseline Cru Classé Lampe de Meduse

It’s one of the most top tiered Rose wine blends crafted in the hierarchy of Cru Classe Rose. As evidence, it is the only Rose wine label to place 1st out of the 18 estates that holds a distinctive title. Even up until this day, this bottle of Rose wine has continuously given every wine tasters a different level of the wine tasting experience.

Also, a bottle of 2018 Chateau Sainte Roseline Cru Classe Lampe de Meduse offers an ultimate complexity of clean and pure notes of dried flowers, orange blossom, and cherries. Moreover, this comes in a medium bodied, layered, seamless, and silky taste. Lastly, it comes with a full minerality that really tastes good like any other.

2018 Diving Into Hampton Water Rose

If you’d like to experience an optimum freshness Rose blend, then it’s time to choose a 2018 Diving Into Hampton Water Rose wine. This one offers a pale to light pink with very focused fresh notes of citrus, stone fruits, crushed rocks, and rose petals. It is also considered as the sexiest Rose bottle blend you can find.

Besides, the 2018 Diving Into Hampton Water Rose exudes a full to medium-bodied taste which comes in a layered mouthfeel. Aside from that, it produces a pure terrific length of taste which is good to sip. Lastly, this Rose blend can be best paired with summer foods like fries, chips, and peanuts.

2018 Domaine Suffrene Bandol Rose

Created as the most distinctive type of Bandol Rose wine blend, the 2018 Domaine Suffrene Bandol Rose displays a true art of exquisite drinkable wine found in Provence region. It’s a true expression of what the whole region can offer and showcases their true beauty of fine winemaking culture.

The 2018 Domaine Suffrene Bandol Rose exudes a taste of peach floral fruits and deeper salmon. The tannin content comes in a clear taste in your mouth. It also offers a concentrated taste structure and a long-lasting finish to speak. Truly, this Rose blend is one of the irresistibly Rose wines you can find in a fine winery store.

Scarlett Wells is a full-time writer and wine expert. She is an active critique examining all levels of wine types so she can produce reviews and articles that will help guide every consumer in selecting the right kind of wine to drink. Aside from that, she has written a lot of blogs maximizing the real usage of wines.


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