"BEST OF VIENNA"Maria Petrak, founder of “The Best of Marbella” and “The Best of Vienna” weblogs, is passionate about the quality of life. Maria has lived and worked in many different countries, learning seven languages and experiencing the myriad benefits of multicultural living. Her weblogs allow the readers to share her exploration of the world. A single parent, Maria discovers the special benefits of each city for herself and her child, then uses that knowledge to serve the community of readers. She answers the need of both visitors and residents for recommended and trusted businesses and services, shares opportunities for cultural exchange, and promotes worthy local businesses and charities, online and offline. Making the world a better place is one of her main goals in life.

“I love interacting, supporting and empowering people in any way,” says Maria, who has been involved in business and social organizations in both Marbella and Vienna. Her weblogs from those cities are now creating “bridges between people” on a global scale: readers in more than 70 countries visit the sites.

Maria is one of the few former United Nations staff members singled out for special reference and has an outstanding reputation as the former president of the Vienna International Center Society for Conscious Living. Returning to Vienna after five years of living in Marbella, she is now expanding her creative ideas, concept and team. She is fortunate to enjoy the support of some of the best editors, contributors, and associates – people as passionate about the work as she is. For more information about the Best of Vienna-Marbella team and network please have a look at: http://www.thebestofviennablog.com/about-us/ and http://www.thebestofviennablog.com/our-network/

The Best of Vienna-Marbella weblogs form a growing social network with free online magazines currently promoting Vienna and Marbella from A-Z. Our aim is to support and promote only the best artists, associations, businesses, cultural highlights, charities, events, golf, health facilities and therapists, hotels, professional services, properties, restaurants and cosmopolitan lifestyle. We also provide local sightseeing tips and photos. We are committed to client service – that which serves one – serves all. We seek to establish long-term associations and friendships with those who can provide excellent services (or products) to our readers. Our team of resourceful contributors holds an extensive network of valuable contacts, both local and global. For Vienna non-German speakers or Marbella non-Spanish speakers, we offer trusted professionals who are able to help them during their sojourn in those cities. It is our goal to feature the most beautiful places in our cities and provide useful information to the visitors and residents alike.

We are working together to make “The Best of” weblogs the most exclusive, selective and most complete sources for information on cities and regions around the world. The Vienna and Marbella websites are the templates for future websites: The Best of Moscow, Bratislava, Montenegro, Malta, Capri, Gibraltar, Paris, London, Dubai, Ibiza, South Africa and many more. We will include these and other locations under the umbrella websites “The Best of the World” and “The Best of Travel”. Therefore, we are always looking for partners, sponsors, and reliable businesses with top quality services to promote through our network.

We increasingly discover talented and gifted performers or artists who deserve a prominent place on the global stage and are glad to share their work with our readers. In keeping with our commitment to social responsibility, we are proud to promote peace in the world through local and international charities and multicultural events and artists that we support.

“The Best of Vienna” is the sister website of “The Best of Marbella”- one of the “101 female blogs in the world to watch in 2009” according to WE Magazine for Women in the USA. We have been developing the concept, creating the content and expanding the network until now, but the best is yet to come! The new era will start in August 2011 when we re-launch our websites.

Please feel free to connect with us through our websites or social networks. Recommend our websites to anyone who is visiting (or living) in Vienna or Marbella – we want them to see the most beautiful aspects of our cities! Please contact us if you wish to promote your events, services, products or venues in these special cities or to request any further information.

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Mae Lim-Banda Cayir and Karen Bentley Bales, Arts and Culture Correspondents ~ The Best of Vienna Blog