"Pure mineral makeup"By Kirsten Corcoran

So much attention is focused on mineral makeup today and there are a staggering number of options available to the consumers. But what constitutes true mineral makeup and what are the aspects that make this form of makeup superior to the conventional cosmetics or what I dub “the mineral makeup imposters”?

First of all, real mineral makeup is in a powder form and is comprised of a blend of 100% minerals and only minerals. After all, how silly is it to call a cosmetic “mineral makeup” if the formula is only partially minerals? Makeup has always had some minerals in them but true mineral makeup including foundation, blush and eye shadow are a recent phenomenon. The mineral ingredients of these cosmetics generally include mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxides and sometimes amorphous silica or bismuth oxychloride.

Pure mineral makeup is a wonderful beauty option because the ingredients usually work extremely well for those with various skin afflictions including acne, rosacea and sensitive skin. Conventional cosmetics and those that are not is a pure mineral form have fillers, binders and additives that can increase the likely hood of clogged pores, breakouts, irritation, allergies and inflamed skin. Many of the commonly used oils or oil substitutes, fillers, binders, colorants preservatives and fragrances tend to aggravate the afore mentioned skin conditions.

Pure mineral makeup can also be the most aesthetically pleasing makeup. Pure mineral foundation tends to look more natural on the face than those with fillers, binders and oils. The minerals will generally stay on the skin well despite sweating or oily skin conditions. Those will oily, large pored skin appreciate that pure mineral foundation feels light, does not migrate, and will minimize the appearance of pores. For those with fine lines and wrinkles, pure mineral foundations can offer coverage and skin evening properties while reducing the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles. Those with sensitivities, allergies or rosacea often report that pure mineral makeup is the only foundation their skin will tolerate.

Select the healthiest forms of pure mineral makeup. Look for specifications such as “free of nano particles” which are the ultra milled forms of minerals that can be potentially problematic. One mineral ingredient known as “bismuth oxychloride” can cause itchy skin, aggravate oily skin, or make pores and lines appear more prominent. Bear in mind that a mineral makeup product can be a 95% mineral blend but contain one non mineral ingredient such as starch, and lose much of the desirability of pure mineral makeup.

Pure mineral makeup is perhaps the greatest trend to come about in the cosmetic world in recent years. Be wary of those products that claim to be mineral makeup but are simply conventional makeup without all the truly wonderful properties of true mineral makeup. Select a pure mineral makeup that uses the healthiest forms of minerals. Experience true mineral makeup to fully embrace what has made this cosmetic the beauty rage of the decade!




Kirsten Corcoran has worked 28 years in the Natural Product’s Industry, 22 of them as an owner of a health food and supplement store. She was busy running her store and raising 5 children, but as a hard-working mother and entrepreneur she found herself struggling day to day because of the variety of skin care issues she was faced with. She was a woman who in effort to be the best she could, ate meticulously, took supplements but hadn’t been able to maintain a clear complexion or find a cosmetic line that suited her healthy lifestyle.

This inspired Kirsten to launch Larenim Mineral Make Up in 2004. Kirsten sold the company a few years ago but has remained the mastermind behind the line that now houses over 100 products from make up to skin care. As Larenim’s Creative Director Kirsten has continued to develop one amazing product after the next.