This video may not be far from the truth these days (by the way, if you are offended by off-color language, I suggest you don’t watch it ~ Those Brits have such a way with words!)


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The battle is being lost by the consumer.  No longer are they treated like the signer of the paychecks.  They are treated as if they are the date from hell. You know the ones; high maintenance, demanding something for nothing and a general pain in the rear.

So what happened?  When did retailers, airlines and the like decide that it was not worth the time of day to earn the consumer’s money or business? The time is not really clear, but there has been a slow shift in power. Gone are the days of opening the door for you or holding your hand an option.

The consumer has become a cheap buy; in search of the best deal, the deepest discount or the hottest sale.  Merchants are busy (and tired of) working to pry the dollars out of the publics tightly fisted hand.

Take for instance United.  No longer will you speak to a live person when and if you have a complaint.  United is only accepting emails for them.  Now if you decide you’re going to speak to a live person anyway about your complaint, think again.  You’ll be  directed to email.

US Airways has made the decision to stop offering free sodas, snacks and food on the plane.  The airline will still have food, but it’s going to cost you.  Not something you care about, it will be after you pony out the dough to check your luggage and pay for the little blanket pack. (Yes, that’s right, pay for the blanket.)

So if you’re not flying, then how are you affected by this lack of customer service. Well, what used to be the norm is now a luxury.  Great or even good customer service is not what companies are striving for. Companies went to great lengths to make sure the consumer was taken care of.  It’s no longer the case and if you’re hoping to receive great service now, you’re living in the stone age or in a cave.  In fact, you’re lucky to see someone smiling at you when you walk into their establishment.  Now it’s can I help you, get what you want and get out.

Is it right?  Is it fair?  It is what it is.  The consumer is walking into a mine field.  The person behind the counter is barely making ends meet, so are they happy to serve you? Not when they’re worried about how they are going to take care of themselves. It’s difficult to care for the customer when you know the employer doesn’t care about you. Employers are cracking the whip, demanding more from their employees and paying that same employee less (or the same amount for and the employee is now performing a two person job duty).  So do they care when you walk in.  Hell no.

How the consumer is treated is an indication as to how the employee of the company is being treated.  It’s a trickle down effect. Are consumers winning?  No, it’s a daily battle that’s being lost everyday by consumers.

About the Author: Sonce Reese officially started writing in March 2008 and unofficially for as long as she can remember. According to her, “Writing is  outlet and a part of my mission – to be a blessing. I’m eclectic, adventurous and my dream is to live by the ocean, in South Carolina, as a full time writer.”

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