The Abundance Mindset

You’ve probably heard about the abundance mindset. People say that it’s about giving without expecting to receive anything in return. For a business owner the abundance mindset is necessary, yet not easy to cultivate, especially if your beliefs around money have been molded to the tightwad mentality. We get this from our parents or the people we surround ourselves with, throughout our life.

It’s hard to embrace an abundance mindset when we’ve been told to not let people walk all over us. Right? If you give, you should expect compensation for that gift. If you’re in business, you want to be paid what you’re worth. The time, expertise and attention that you give to others, should be compensated for. Right? Otherwise, how else do you stay afloat in your field?

The thing with the abundance mindset is this. No, you can’t just give and give and be utterly boundless in that giving. You’d end up penniless. Giving in the matter of a bottomless pit just isn’t a way to make a living. And yet… in many instances, the abundance mindset can take you farther than you would have gone just sticking to the “what’s in it for me” attitude.

If you’re open to a radical change in how you think, you can train your mind to not always approach business with a nickel-and-diming thought process. Instead, you may actually be able to broaden your perspective, and hit the sky’s-the-limit, open-minded, freely giving point of view.

Why is this important? Because in business, not everything is always going to end up with you running away with armloads of cash. As a business owner, you know this. It takes a sacrifice of your time, and the learning experiences that go along with being a business owner, to be successful. And yes, at some point, you want the time you put in to pay off.

But the payoff comes in due time, and with due experience. And part of that experience can be going into a potential business scenario, with a no-holds-barred, benevolent mindset. So think about it: does the abundance mindset work with some of your profit-producing activities? Think about how you can team up with a potential partner, give to your community, pool ideas with others… all of these are great ways to offer an abundance mindset that will help you grow tremendously in business.

How Can the Abundance Mindset Help You Make More Money?

Still wondering what is the benefit of having an “abundance mindset” as a business owner? Isn’t it better to keep your guard up, hoard your best ideas, tuck away trade secrets so they can’t be thieved by prying eyes, and cling to every last penny you earn?

The truth is that an abundance mindset is what’s needed to become incredibly successful and blow the doors off your business so you can welcome more profits.

It can open your mind to free collaboration – that sharing freely with others gains you their good will. It also helps you remember that two heads (or more) are better than one.

Next time you’re having a solo brainstorm, try to think of someone who can help you bring your ideas to the next level, and maybe even put those big thoughts into action.

It can help you help someone else. Has anyone ever helped you? Showed you how to do something? Helped you understand? Fixed something in your business that was broke? Your experience can put you in this very same spot – getting to pay forward your knowledge and assistance to others.

It can put you in touch with the community. Think about what you can give back to the people in your town, or in your social and business circle if your business is virtual. How can you extend to someone else, or a group of people, and reach others by being a boundless giver? What kinds of like minds might you attract by offering some of what you have to others who may need it?

It can help you find new solutions to old problems. Being a ready giver means that when an opportunity comes your way, you’ll be able to seize the day because you’ll have trained your brain to see the possibilities. The abundance mindset means that you won’t limit yourself to making the same mistakes over and over.

How to Turn Unglamorous Business Tasks into Instant Profit

Do you put off those boring tasks in your business that must get done? Is it far easier to take the quickest path to profit, while neglecting things you must do but which don’t yield immediate cash flow for you?

The thing about neglecting unglamorous tasks in your business is that they will eventually weaken the entire foundation. Think about a house and the stone that it rests upon. The safety, security and stability of that structure relies on the foundation. But now think about what happens when a crack forms in the foundation? Water begins to seep in, and erode the surrounding soil.

Without that snug fit, the base of your home begins to move and sink into the ground. It’s so with your business. Those low yielding tasks, like the crack in your foundation, must be attended to. Otherwise, problems seep in and before you know it, you’re looking at a much bigger issue that will impact your revenue over the long term.

What types of background tasks that may seem low yield for the immediate future can actually help you increase profits for the long term?

Automating computer tasks.

Any tech based solution you can come up with for turning manual procedures into automated actions that happen in real-time can be a huge boon to your business. Think of systems where customers can log in and manage their own orders and information. Hands-off file deliverables upon instant request via email.

Purging old data.

Old files that no longer apply can be deleted. Web pages that have expired, products that are no longer active, customer profiles that are no longer active, and information pages that have outdated information should be sorted through and purged as needed. Run system updates and dump old files as needed. You can also save any information that may prove useful in the future, such as customer data and contact info.

Updating your product offerings.

This includes individual services, seasonal products, bulk discount packages, limited time only bundles and digital products that may have become outdated. All of these details should be reviewed and updated as needed. It’s important to keep your products and services fresh and relevant, even if that just means taking a second look at the benefits, breathing new life into your branding and breathing new life into an old message.