What’s for dinner?  No dish can touch the star of the Thanksgiving dinner table, as turkey has been mentioned more than 147,000 times in social posts over the past week, according to international social media analytics firm Talkwalker.

But what about the side dishes?  Talkwalker reports that of the 90,000 posts mentioning a specific side dish, stuffing comes out on top in a landslide, with 23,000 mentions.  The next closest contender is cranberries (or cranberry sauce) with 17,000 mentions.

Who among the vegetables is most likely to be on Turkey Day tables according to social media?   It’s the mighty potato, whether in mashed variety (12,600 mentions) or the sweet potato or yam variety (11,000 mentions), while green beans come in a distant third with 8,800 mentions.  Corn (7,400 mentions), brussels sprouts (3,000) and butternut squash (2,000) round out the top veggie choices, while cauliflower (1,800), broccoli (1,300) and peas (1,200) bring up the rear.

Green beans have been making a run to the top, with a 152 percent increase in posts this week over last.

In the battle of desserts, nothing is going to beat pumpkin pie, according to Talkwalker.  Of the 19,500 posts over the past week mentioning dessert, 62 percent or 12,000 posts mentioned pumpkin pie.  Apple pie (2,900) and pecan pie (2,600) are fighting for second place, while sweet potato pie (1,700) is in fourth place.

Looking at hashtags and drilling down beyond the most obvious hashtags like #thanksgiving and #turkey, it is clear that people are looking forward to spending time with their families (#family – 2,200 mentions) and they plan to document their meals for all to see – as #foodporn (1,700), #instagood (1,100) and #instafood (953) are also trending well.

Thanksgiving as a social theme has garnered more than 2.4 million posts over the past week.  And family IS important to many but everyone has that one relative who can’t stop bragging, as evidenced by this Tweet from @trinadahlgren which attracted more than 360,000 reactions.  https://twitter.com/trinadahlgren/status/930493590077308928

Friendsgiving has become a popular offshoot of the holiday, but not like the one @yeetztweetz had, though clearly many can relate to as evidenced by the 9,500 retweets and 68,000 likes. https://twitter.com/yeetztweetz/status/932397494855749635

And @David_Kozlowski expresses an opinion that could be popular.  https://twitter.com/David_Kozlowski/status/932393312266235904

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