IMPORTANT! Please help us out by taking the Women and Website Content survey.

WE Magazine for Women, Women in Ecommerce™ and Redhead Marketing™ are co-sponsoring this important survey for several reasons. We want to first know if you have a website (or web presence) if you are you happy with your website, who designed your website,  what some of the challenges were/are in putting it together… and so forth.

There are a total of 8 questions – 7 multiple choice and one essay. It takes less than 2 minutes to complete and everyone who takes the survey will receive a copy of the 9-page Special Report: Words That Sell. This report can help you with your copywriting, headlines,  calls-to-action and more.

Our goal is to interview 500 women. The more who reply the greater the chances of the survey gaining momentum, and being taken seriously. WE will use this information for a variety of things including to see what it is Women REALLY need when it comes to their web presence and how we can help them overcome some of the challenges they face. That includes YOU! So, if you are interested in taking the survey and getting your copy of Words That SELL go here:

Did I mention that I am also drawing 4 names from the respondents to do a strategy session with me? That session can be for anything. To help you define your brand, come up with compelling content, pick my brain. Whatever you need.
So do me a BIG FAVOR and go here to take the survey:

And feel free to share it with your friends! That would be a BONUS!

Thanks so much!