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Lost Your Sexy? Get it Back with Yoga

Lost Your Sexy? Get it Back with Yoga

Sexy Stretches for a Killer Body  by the Sex Health Guru ~ Yoga Girls know that a flexible body can be mighty sexy! Upward is a great yoga pose to amp up your sex appeal. Watch this brief video to see just how it’s done.  Time to  get your sexy […]

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Yoga Can Improve Your Health AND Your Sex Life

Lately I have been reading a lot about Yoga for Better Sex and came across this video which shows you exactly which Yoga exercises will enhance your performance in and out of the bedroom (Video is rated PG) Also, If you have not yet read the article, “Expert Says Improve […]

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Expert Says Improve Your Sex Life with Yoga

by Kate Hanley   You already know yoga can give you greater flexibility, better muscle tone, a surefire way to release stress, and maybe even enlightenment. But better sex? Really? You betcha. Yoga offers myriad physical and emotional benefits that add up to more fun between the sheets and a […]