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Workplace Etiquette: When Charm is no Longer Charming

Have you ever had a co-worker who is so nice that he or she gets on your absolute last nerve? Maybe it doesn’t bother you all the time, but if you’re having a particularly rotten day that co-workers’ upbeat attitude can really be annoying. Or, are you the super nice […]

Balancing Work and Life
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Balancing Work and Life

… 8 Tips to Help Women Entrepreneurs Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle By Karel Murray, CSP As a woman entrepreneur who travels a lot for work, I know it’s hard to balance work and life. Because I travel so much, I constantly find myself watching the behavior of other people. The […]

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Work Less Hours and Increase Your Earnings

In an ideal world, we would dedicate eight hours of our day to work, another eight to enjoy recreational activities and the last eight hours to sleep. The true question is, how many of you live in the ideal world? Instead, in the real world, most people work twelve to […]