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17 Minute Yoga Routine by Tara Carpino

Tara Carpino leads you through a 17 minute yoga routine designed to either help wake you up in the morning or give you an evening energy boost! The routine is at the intermediate level. For more information on Tara and her Yoga courses, see


Why Women Make Better Business Leaders

Excerpt from the One Minute MBA: Recent research from the Harvard Business Review and others suggests something that most of us already know–firms without women in high-level leadership positions are missing out on some meaningful growth opportunities. According to the research, women that excel in business often prove to have […]


When This Mother Cried Out for Justice – Who Was Listening?

The story behind the upcoming movie, A Cry for Justice (Triple Horse Studios), could have happened to any one of us. But it didn’t. It happened to Jackie Carpenter when her son was arrested for murder after an accidental shooting at his worksite. Full of tragedy and triumph, it shows […]


Put a Little Zing in Your Spring

It’s still a bit chilly on the east coast, but Susan Blond doesn’t let inclimate weather take away the spring in her step. Warm up with the latest edition of Blond Tips, a series of silly, sassy, seasonal hints and recommendations from the President of Susan Blond, Inc. Tips include: […]


Nancy Perry Graham Dances with the Stars!

Check out this dance video featuring Corky Ballas (Dancing with the stars) and Nancy Perry Graham Editor of AARP Magazine! Here are some of Corky’s How to Dance Like a Star TIPS: 1.You have to want to learn how to dance. If you’re doing this to make your mate happy – […]

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Are AVATARS the New VIDEO Medium

If you ever wanted to have your own animated tv show, then join Pooky Amsterdam ( as she shares how her top rated Second Life TV show, The 1st Question, is created, and what it has done for her business. These animated avatar shows are original, fun and allow you […]