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Data theft is one of the biggest problems that companies face today
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Data theft is one of the biggest problems that companies face today

Sensitive company data, sales reports, files containing negotiating tactics, customer lists, trade secrets, strategic documents, financial information, and intellectual property are all reported stolen by companies. The 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis report by IBM and Ponemon Institute pegs the average total cost of a data breach to participant companies at $3.7 million. A survey by Biscom, provider of secure communications software, shows that one in four employees admitted to taking data when leaving a company. About 95 percent of respondents said that it was possible to take data, because companies did not have any foolproof technology or policies in place to prevent theft. Data breaches and customer data theft dip brand value and erode customer trust. The price that companies have to pay is very high when a high-profile data breach, like that at Ashley Madison, takes place at their company. Here are a few tips to use to ensure data security and prevent data theft at your company.

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Personal Photos & Videos ‘Go Hollywood’ with UrLife Mini-Movies

People have always snapped photos on vacation, but the proliferation of smartphones has ushered in dramatic changes in the way we capture those photos and the myriad of ways the images can be utilized. Given forecasts that fully 2.53 billion people will own a smartphone by 2018, more and more […]

6 Apps Every Modern-Day Mom Must Have on Her Smartphone
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6 Apps Every Modern-Day Mom Must Have on Her Smartphone

Moms are always hard-pressed for time, especially today’s modern-day mothers, who juggle between professional and personal roles. They do a hundred things at a time and still manage to pull them off perfectly. But that doesn’t mean a little help won’t be appreciated, right? So, here are six great apps […]

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Culinary Cultural Immersion a Foodie-Forward Travel Trend

:::Indigenous epicurean adventure escalates among ‘victual vacationers’::: Whether for adventure travel or more relaxing respites, travelers are increasingly seeking regionally-authentic itineraries that offer an intimate view of local cultures. In fact, reports show the trend of being “connoisseurs of local culture” will boom this year. Indigenous tourism and cultural immersion […]

Hair Havoc No More with Dr. Marder Scalp Therapy
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Hair Havoc No More with Dr. Marder Scalp Therapy

Winter weather, and the subsequent use of indoor heat to stay warm, can have an extreme drying effect on the skin—and this most certainly includes the scalp. For those who already suffer from sensitive scalps or are susceptible to environmental and weather changes in general, the result can be scalp […]

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Grayton Automatic Watches an Admirable Accessory for All

We live in a fast-paced wardrobe world where few fashions stand the test of time. One exception, however, lies in the world of watches. This is a unique “tech-cessory” category where form and function converge—optimally with an enduring design aesthetic that can easily evolve with the fickle style scene. While […]