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Are Things as Bad as You Think They Are?
Managing Stress / Mental Health

Are Things as Bad as You Think They Are?

10 Mental Shifts to Help You Stop Creating Your Own Misery We’ve all heard of looking at life through rose-colored glasses. But few of us actually do it. Quite the opposite. Most of us view our lives through what might be called “thundercloud glasses,” a perspective darkened by years of […]

4 Tips for Healthier Mornings
Health / Managing Stress

4 Tips for Healthier Mornings

Many women tend to stick to the same tried-and-true morning routine wake up, go straight for the coffee, grab a bite to eat, shower, and then go to work. As the morning can set the tone for your entire day, those who are striving to achieve better health can get […]

Ask Dr. Julie / Diet and Weight Loss / Healthy Eating

How to Avoid Emotional Stress Eating

When I ask my patients what they do to cope with stress, many of them answer that they eat. How did we evolve into a situation where so many people use food to manage stress, when food was originally intended as fuel for a body to function optimally? Weight loss […]

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Valentine’s Day Stress Busters

How to avoid the “ache-y, break-y heart” of disappointment  By Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, psychologist and licensed clinical social worker   Dateline:  Any town.  Five-thirty p.m., Valentine’s Day, and he’s read every card in the pharmacy.  In his hand are a box of chocolates and a balloon with the words “MARRY […]