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How To Meditate To Reduce Stress
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How To Meditate To Reduce Stress

Stress and tension has taken a toll on almost everybody’s life in the present scenario. Everybody seems to be sitting in a pressure cooker and has commitments and deliveries to make in the personal and professional front. There are times when it becomes difficult to handle the pressure anymore and […]

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How to Avoid Emotional Stress Eating

When I ask my patients what they do to cope with stress, many of them answer that they eat. How did we evolve into a situation where so many people use food to manage stress, when food was originally intended as fuel for a body to function optimally? Weight loss […]

Wellness – A Recipe For Health
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Wellness – A Recipe For Health

A lot of people think of wellness as series of SPA procedures in one of these luxurious hotels. In fact ‘wellness’ is more like a conception of advice, which helps us reduce the every day pressure and enjoy a good health. Following these conception we are able to live a […]

Stress-onomics Maintaining Stress in an Uncertain Economy
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Stress-onomics Maintaining Stress in an Uncertain Economy

By TaMara Campbell In these crazy economic times many people are finding it hard to cope with the downsizing of many companies, home foreclosures, and rising unemployment rates. These unpleasant factors are leaving many workers in a state of perpetual uncertainty about the stability of their future.   Faced with […]

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Valentine’s Day Stress Busters

How to avoid the “ache-y, break-y heart” of disappointment  By Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, psychologist and licensed clinical social worker   Dateline:  Any town.  Five-thirty p.m., Valentine’s Day, and he’s read every card in the pharmacy.  In his hand are a box of chocolates and a balloon with the words “MARRY […]