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A Million Senior Voices
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A Million Senior Voices

 A Million Senior Voices By James Twyman “The senior audience just isn’t reliable,” the man said to me. “Why do you think most movies are made for young people? It’s because older people don’t go to the movies. If they did, more would be made for them.” I couldn’t believe […]

Computerized Brain Training Helps Keep Brains Young
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Computerized Brain Training Helps Keep Brains Young

According to a new Study: Memory & Language Improve in Just 40 20-Minute SessionsI If you’ve ever worried about losing brainpower as you age (and who hasn’t?), a new study by California university researchers shows that adults can actually improve brain function by using a computerized brain fitness program for […]


Healthy Aging with a Little Help from Your Intergenerational Friends

Eye-Brain-Body Therapy with a Partner Improves Balance for Seniors; Nonprofit Founder Reviews Benefits Two major areas connected to overall health that are too frequently overlooked, particularly for those aged 65 and older, are visual capability and social connectedness, says therapist and charity innovator Karen Peterson. “Physical and mental attributes are […]