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Stop Spending and Start SAVING
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Stop Spending and Start SAVING

By Molly Are you a nonfat-hold-the-whip-caramel-mocha-latte addict? Do you find yourself digging under the couch cushions for the money to pay for that yummy drink? Maybe it’s time to hold-the-coffee altogether, and keep that spare change in your pocket. Try it, like a 30-day challenge. You may be shocked to […]

Wealth & Prosperity

Do You Dare To Be Prosperous?

By Helene Rothschild   Are you having a problem with money? Do you feel as though you never have enough no matter how hard you try? If you want to experience abundance instead of scarcity, you may need to overcome unconscious fears of prosperity. In the course of counseling many […]

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The New Economy ~ Thirteen Tips for Challenging Times

By Heidi Richards Mooney   Like many of you reading this I too have been affected by the current economic climate.  Retail is definitely not what it used to be. People are counting pennies, looking for bargains and foregoing a lot of the “feel good” products and services they used […]

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Managing Your Finances During These Uncertain Times

By Stan Popovich Many people are getting stressed out in managing their investment portfolios and their finances. Banks are closing, companies are going bankrupt, and people are losing money.  The good news is that there are ways that a person can reduce their anxiety and stresses in taking care of […]