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What Repeated Rejection Has Taught Me
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What Repeated Rejection Has Taught Me

When I was a young girl, every time I didn’t get my way the waterworks would start flying and my mom’s patience would be tested yet again. As I entered my teen years, I matured, slightly, and cried to her only when I felt rejected—you know, if I was dumped, […]

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Women of a Certain Age, Rejection and a Seasoned Woman

I’ve been reading “Sex and the Seasoned Women” by Gail Sheehy. Remember “Passages”? That was her famous book about the defined stages we need to pass through in our lives. At the time she wrote that book, it was cutting edge thinking. Now? We’ve learned and accepted what she said […]

Fear and Rejection – Learn from Five-year Olds

Fear and Rejection – Learn from Five-year Olds

Earlier this month I went to a five year olds’ birthday party and the children that attended were ages five through nine but the majority were five years old. The place where the party was held had various games for them to play. Regardless of the type of game, when […]

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Do You Actually Know When You’re Being Rejected?

By Bobbi Palmer Rejection can be a very good thing. Until you find the man who brings you the love and joy you deserve, you should thank the men who reject you. These men are doing you a favor. I think they know – consciously or not – that they […]

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Why You Should Be Happy When a Man Rejects You – Part One

By Bobbi Palmer This week I got an email from a friend, Bethany. Bethany is a seriously impressive woman. She is a bright and successful entrepreneur, she’s beautiful, sincere, generous, and has ginormous energy that (honestly) exhausts me. Bethany told me how sad she was that this new guy she’s […]

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Rejection Really Doesn’t Hurt That Much

Remember when you were a small girl and the doctor gave you a shot…and you screamed your head off?! Now seriously…did it really hurt that much? Of course not. Fast forward these many years later and think about how you feel when a man doesn’t show interest or drops you […]