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Beginning Recycling at Home
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Beginning Recycling at Home

Every year, tons of material that could be recycled isn’t, and ends up clogging our already overwhelmed dumps, waterways and roadsides.  Most people think it’s a difficult task to organize a recycling center at home.  However, with some creativity and commitment, it can easily be done.  And most people feel better […]

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Green…..More Than A Choice

…..More Like A Must. I believe that every human being is ultimately responsible for his or her own actions. Therefore, as individuals and as citizens, we should endeavor to make choices that are wise, healthy, informed and responsible. We should know that our choices matter greatly to others, both in […]

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8 Eco-Friendly Ways to Wrap Gifts with Newspaper

In this short instructional video you will learn some creative ways to gift-wrap with newspaper Video developed because recycled and eco-friendly gift wrapping materials are not available in the stores.  To provide people with stylish and simple ways to get around this lack of supplies, I developed the video.  It […]

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Your Used Eggshells, Tea Bags, and Banana Peels Can Save The World!

Well, maybe not save the world, but make a nice big dent in the cause to improve the environment at least! :0) I am a big fan of recycling and my newest thing I love to do is composting. Nothing gets wasted in my house! LOL Did you know that […]