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Women of a Certain Age


Woman of a Certain  Age by Marcia Barhydt Where do I start? How can I approach writing an article about a TV reality show and also about a way of life for many little girls? How can I write about a new activity, equally offensive, for little boys? The TV […]

Challenge Yourself and Change Lives
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Challenge Yourself and Change Lives

By Gabi Rose, MS Last year if anyone would have asked me what my most challenging time in my life was, I would not have hesitated in answering “Losing 130 pounds and saving my life as well as my family’s well being!” only because until just 2 weeks ago, my […]


DISH Reality Cooking Show

Dish is a reality cooking show produced by Ellen and Ashley. This is their promo for “Dish.”  In this YouTube video they tell you how they came up with the idea for this reality cooking show and how you can submit recipes. These ladies from New York will make you […]