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Six Ways a Strong Brand Makes Your Company Money
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Six Ways a Strong Brand Makes Your Company Money

Many company owners go about their business without thinking much about brand. They either ignore it altogether, hand it off to marketing (or maybe a talented graphic designer), or make strategic decisions based on an incomplete understanding of what brand really means. If one of these describes you, Lindsay Pedersen […]

Your Will Is The Center Of Estate Planning
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Your Will Is The Center Of Estate Planning

  An estate plan is a legal system for the disbursement of your property upon your death. It recognizes your wishes, such as those regarding the care of minors, and it can legally minimize any taxes you and/or your heirs might pay. It can take into account your views regarding future medical […]

Planning for Our Life’s Emergencies
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Planning for Our Life’s Emergencies

We never know when we may be hit with an emergency. We need to be ready when they happen. Planning is an essential part in reducing the negative consequences associated with emergencies. The first item for emergency planning should always be having extra cash. You may need to pick up […]

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Transitioning from CEO to Retiree

Why You Need a 5-Year Plan – 3 Steps You Can Take Now to Realize Your Goals Today’s 50-something CEOs tend to have vague dreams of more fishing, traveling or sailing when they retire, but they don’t know when that might be so they haven’t begun planning for it. That’s […]

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The Year Of Change-Will You Be A Leader …

   ….A Follower, or Watching From the Sidelines by Bea Kunz From loving your veggie campaign’s for children- to rooftop gardening on ancient buildings in big cities-there is a project/an interest for each and everyone the least be motivated to make our space and the world as a whole a […]