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Is the Law of Attraction Working Against You in Love?
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Is the Law of Attraction Working Against You in Love?

By Dawn Maslar MS Many of us are familiar with books such as the Secret, which explains how the law of attraction works.  That basically you can have anything you want in life by using your desires to attract it.  Sounds simple enough!  But, for many this law of attraction […]


Forget Him and Find Another

Trash or Treasure by Tahnya Kristina Girl meets boy.  Girl falls in love with boy.   Girl and boy live happily ever after.  When we are young we are raised to think that this is how our lives will develop over time.  But when we reach our thirties and it still […]

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The New Laws of Love

By Seana McGee and Maurice Taylor In our day, a truly successful relationship seems well-nigh miraculous, especially to those of us who fear that we’re condemned to remain forever rudderless when it comes to long-term love. Yet human beings don’t yearn for anything that isn’t possible. As a very wise […]