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Health Benefits of Meditation
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Health Benefits of Meditation

What we as humans can comprehend about the vast abilities of our mind is still relatively limited…especially in the realm of how imagery and meditation can impact our body’s physiology. In many studies, it seems as though our body’s physiology follows the imagery of what our mind focuses on. For […]

Are You Mentally and Physically Prepared for the Holidays?
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Are You Mentally and Physically Prepared for the Holidays?

Four Ways to Keep Healthy Fitness and Eating Habits with Sport Hypnosis By Kate Allgood MAT, SH Get ready for the out-of-town guests, family gatherings, present shopping, picture taking, card writing, winter children recitals and company holiday parties – not to mention the turkey, ham, stuffing, pumpkin pie and egg […]

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What Is Stopping Me from Being Organized?

By Dr. Sally Witt   Do you feel stuck?  Do you panic at the thought of anyone touching your things?  Do you have piles of paper, and “stuff” that you never touch?  Is the thought of getting things organized putting you into an anxiety attack?  Do people offer to help […]