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Inspired Innovations Exemplifying Hot Tech Trends

A fresh New Year is upon us, and with it comes an array of innovations across multiple consumer product categories and sectors—from audio to beauty, fashion and self-care to security-minded hardware to killer kitchenware—and much in between. With reports citing that 2019 will be a pivotal year for consumer technology, […]

Ebates Holiday Survey: Apple’s iPhone X vs. Samsung Galaxy
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Ebates Holiday Survey: Apple’s iPhone X vs. Samsung Galaxy

Survey reveals that age matters when it comes to smartphone preferences In the battle between Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy, American teens and adults are split on which one they want as a holiday gift. Over a third (35 percent) of teens said they either want the pricey iPhone X […]

What Should I Give?

What Should I Give?

You’re looking for a special gift for a special friend or loved one. But, you just don’t know what to do. by Wendy VanHatten How about giving travel? That’s right…Travel. Here are a few ideas to get you started thinking. 1…Accommodations: Give a free night at a hotel or a […]

Stop Feeling Guilty! The Permission You Need To Get Rid of Gifts
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Stop Feeling Guilty! The Permission You Need To Get Rid of Gifts

Guilt engulfs you while you stare at the neon green purse your boss gave you for your birthday. You never use it. It’s hideous. But your boss meant well. So, you just tuck it away in your closet out of respect. The same goes for the faux crystal chandelier earrings […]

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New Ultra-Premium Maurice Vendôme Champagne Makes American Debut

Tastemakers behind world’s most expensive Champagne continue to break boundaries, introducing another supremely-luxe bottle of bubbly in the U.S. The Ultra-luxury wine and spirits purveyor Prodiguer Brands, which privately develops and markets many of the world’s finest, award-winning wines and spirits, has just its newest offering, Champagne Maurice Vendôme, which […]

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Holiday travel is tough enough in the best of circumstances and is all-too-often fraught with challenges, including crowded freeways, overbooked flights, Wi-Fi downtime and generally not having necessary items at hand. While on-the-go, trying to look stylish, feel good, remain safe, and comfortably tote important belongings around is often harder […]