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Centric Fitness Apparel’s Revolutionary Performance-Enhancing, Psychology-Driven Activewear Line Redefining Wearable Technology

Leading-edge workout wear brand uniquely combines fabric technology and intentional engineering with the psychology of color to maximize design, functionality and athletic performance   If you are chomping at the bit to get back to the gym, the track, the court, the field or wherever else you get your sweat […]

7 Diet Secrets of the Stars
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7 Diet Secrets of the Stars

With the self isolation most people have been experiencing the past 60 days, for some weight loss has been a struggle. Temptations are all around us. We are working from home and that refrigerator is calling us. Not to mention the snaks we are eating to comfort ourselves when we […]

Beach Enclave announce wellness partnerships

Beach Enclave announce wellness partnerships

Beach Enclave, who have partnered with Saje Natural Wellness aswell as expanded their existing collaboration with unique Retreat Yoga & Retreat Kitchen. Saje Natural Wellness provide state of the art  diffusers offering four blends; Tranquility, Unwind, Liquid Sunshine and Energy, all of which provide a unique blend of essential oils devoted […]

Pave the Way to Success by Changing Your Lifestyle
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Pave the Way to Success by Changing Your Lifestyle

When success is all you have on your mind, there are often many changes that you need to make before that success turns into reality. And it can be overwhelming knowing where to begin. Start with baby steps, start now, but start. Its important to be ready for success when […]

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Resolution Realization: 7 Diet Apps for Slimdown Success in New Year

Even the most well-intentioned New Year’s Resolutions can quickly become nothing more than a fond memory without a solid plan in place to keep you motivated and on track. And if you utilize tools and resources that are a means toward that end, all the better. And it seems some […]

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5 Ways to Achieve & Sustain Your New Year’s Diet Resolution…Starting Now

As health-seekers strategize their diet and fitness approach for the New Year, there are a few simple but key considerations that can make all the difference between a successful—and even profitable—weight-loss endeavor and a wellness resolution that falls far short. In seeking professional advice I connected with diet and fitness […]