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How to Avoid Emotional Stress Eating

When I ask my patients what they do to cope with stress, many of them answer that they eat. How did we evolve into a situation where so many people use food to manage stress, when food was originally intended as fuel for a body to function optimally? Weight loss […]

Your Emotional Rescue Kit
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Your Emotional Rescue Kit

19 Stunningly Simple Strategies for Replenishing Your Emotional Energy If you’re so stressed that just surviving another day is cause for celebration, it’s time to hit the “refresh” button on your life. Author Vickie Milazzo offers a wealth of do-them-now tips that promise to help even the busiest, most overwhelmed woman […]

This Business Woman Rubs People the “RIGHT” Way
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This Business Woman Rubs People the “RIGHT” Way

Kathy Gruver, MS, LMT, RM, Owner Healing Circle Massage in Santa Barbara, CA Kathy Gruver, MS, LMT, RM, owner of Healing Circle Massage has been involved in massage and natural health for nearly two decades. Though her main focus has been medical massage, she has also earned her ND in […]

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Healing Your Life

By Dr. Sally Witt, The Center for Healing & Training, Inc. Do you feel a compulsion to act in a certain way?  Do you abuse food, cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol?  Do you feel depressed, down, low on energy?  Do you have a constant struggle with your health? Most people would […]